How can I transfer my Mustbin information?


Attention Mustbin Customers!

We’re very excited to announce that the Mustbin to LifeSite migration is ready! Starting today, all Mustbin users are now able to transfer their information to LifeSite’s ultra-secure mobile and web solution.

Ready to get started?

The process is very easy, but the steps vary depending on whether you’ve already created a LifeSite account. Please follow the questions and steps below to successfully transfer all of your Mustbin information to the enhanced LifeSite 3.0.


Do you need an account?
Do you have a LifeSite 3.0 account, and ready to migrate?
Having trouble, or have questions?


Don't have a LifeSite account yet, and want to sign up for a free LifeSite 3.0 account?

If you aren't already a LifeSite user, you can create an account by going to and following the instructions on screen. Once you've created a LifeSite account, come back to this article and proceed to the Do you have a LifeSite 3.0 account, and ready to migrate? section.


Do you have a LifeSite 3.0 account, and ready to migrate?

Perfect! Whether you already had an existing LifeSite 3.0 account, or just created one, you can now begin the transfer of your Mustbin information to LifeSite!

Follow these steps to initiate the transfer to LifeSite:

1. Open a web browser, and navigate to, then login.

2. From the Dashboard, head over to Settings >> Connected Services



3. Click the Transfer button to the right of the Mustbin icon, and then enter your Mustbin login information. 

If you're using a phone number to log in, the phone number must be preceded by the country code (e.g. 1 555-555-5555 for the United States and Canada).



4. Click the "Start Transfer" button, and once the transfer is complete all of your Mustbin information will be located in the File Vault.



Having trouble, or have questions?

If you're having trouble, or if you have questions about the migration process, please contact Support ( and one of our customer service representatives will gladly assist!


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