How do I add a Partner User using the Mobile App?

You can easily add, delete, or edit any Partner User or any collaborator on the LifeSite Vault mobile app. Just go to Menu > Manage Collaborators.

See the below gifs guide you through how to manage the individuals to help you manage, view, or edit your LifeSite Vault. 


Tap the  icon in the upper left hand corner and scroll down to Manage Collaborators. 

The Manage Collaborators page displays all the collaborator spots that are either:

1) Available for you to fill with trusted loved ones

2) Occupied spots that are taken by individuals you have already linked.

In the below example, there is no Partner User (view & edit access) but two Sub Users (view-only access) have already been added. Two additional Sub User spots are still available.

To add a Partner or Sub User, you will see the below form. Enter in the email address of the person you wish to invite to collaborate with you. He or she will receive an invitation to create a LifeSite account and see (or edit, if a Partner User) the Vault categories that you allow him or her access to. 

You will also need to provide to your collaborator a collaborator passcode, which is a unique pin or code, that allows them to verify that they were indeed invited by you to access LifeSite Vault. We encourage you to call or text this code to your collaborator ahead of time. When it is time for he or she to accept your invitation, he or she must enter it in exactly as you had created it. This guarantees that anyone being invited to access your account has been in communication with and approved by you.

Don't forget to hit save so the information is preserved and the invitation is sent out!


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