How do I help my client onboard to LifeSite Vault?

Invite Your Client to Create an Account

The first step to helping your client onboard to LifeSite Vault is to invite them to create an account.

1) From your dashboard, click the green + Invite Clients button in the upper right hand corner of the page. 

2) A pop-up will emerge with multiple form fields for you to enter in one or multiple email addresses. 

3) Enter your client's email* and press Send Invites

*It is suggested that you send this invitation to an email address of whom the recipient is only your client. Group or shared inboxes are discouraged due to the account security protocols of using LifeSite Vault.

Instruct Your Client to Accept Your Invitation

Once your client creates an account, direct them to accept your invitation to collaborate. You may pass on these instructions below.

1) On your dashboard, direct your mouse to the upper right hand corner of the page. In the header is an icon in the shape of a bell (the Notification Center). There may be a pending badge number on top of it. Click it.

2) A window will drop down containing a notification of the user who has invited you to collaborate. Accept the invitation.

3) You are all set to allow your advisor collaborator to begin working for you using LifeSite Vault. 

Instruct Your Client to Download the LifeSite Vault Mobile App

If your client is frequently on-the-go and uses other mobile apps frequently, you may suggest that he or she download the native iOS or Android app from the Apple or Play stores.

The mobile app is a secure and convenient way to stay abreast on notifications and collaborate with family members. Many of our users enjoy the ability to retrieve and input information and files with the free mobile scanner.

LifeSite Pro is not available on the mobile app at this time. 

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