How do I modify Collaborator Permissions?

A large part of what makes LifeSite Vault work for many families is the high level of granularity with which you can establish permissions. We created a system that puts you, the user, in control of who sees what. For example, you can set up LifeSite to allow your spouse to see your entire vault, while your children can only see their educational records and passwords.

You can access the Collaborator Permissions section within the Manage Collaborator page, currently accessible from the top right hand corner of your dashboard. Go to Manage Collaborators > Click a Collaborator > Scroll Down to Collaborator Permissions.

If you scroll down on the "Add a Collaborator" page there is a the full list of all the section for which you can adjust permissions. Partner Users have the options of section being "Blocked", "View Only", or "View & Edit." Sub Users can only be assigned two options: "Blocked" or "View Only."

If you are a client of an advisor with whom you are using LifeSite Vault, you control what your advisor can see of your account at these Collaborator Permissions. Get to this page by clicking on the rectangular panel bearing the name and photo of your advisor on the Manage Collaborators page.

If you do not require granularity of permission on a section level, the blue "Apply to All" button will make your entire vault blocked, view only, or view & edit (also know as full permissions.)

We believe every user will want to configure their collaborators' permissions in a unique way. With these customizations, you can use LifeSite in a way that works for you. You can request that your attorney help manage your financial and legacy documents without exposing your medical information, or provide a sibling with Power of Attorney documentation but not your credit card numbers.

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