I'm unable to reach the login page. How can I fix this?

Depending on what country you're attempting to log in from, LifeSite vault may not be immediately accessible due to a variety of local factors such as speed of internet connection or firewall barriers. If you have a strong and stable internet connection, and are able to access other sites but not www.lifesitevault.com/login.html, it is likely that a local firewall is inhibiting access to our page.

Changing your DNS (Domain Name System) may allow you to connect successfully and securely. DNS servers work by translating the web address you type into your browser into the actual IP address of the internet server you’re connecting to at the other end.

The values to add to your DNS are and (Google's global DNS). Instructions for most operating systems are provided at the links below. 

DNS Change Instructions for Windows 7
DNS Change Instructions for Windows 10
DNS Change Instructions for a Mac OSX

If this solution does not work, your other option is to connect to a VPN service. Please feel free to contact us directly with further questions and our support team will investigate your issue.

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