What are each of the editing tools in the scanner?

After capturing your scans, you may want to edit them for clarity. LifeSite Vault's mobile app provides a full suite of editing capabilities to make sure that you save the highest quality scans possible. Here is a guide to the icons, what they mean, and how you can use them.


Apply one of three color filters to your scans:

Document (black and white), Color Document (sharpened, color enhanced), or Photo (the Original Photo)


Rotate your scan 90° to the right or left.


Crop allows you to select an area of an image and discard everything outside this area.


There are 3 ways to skew your image:

1.  Skew the image around its horizontal center.

2.  Rotate and zoom left or right. The farthest it rotates is 45°.

3.  Skew the image around its vertical center.


Increase or decrease the overall brightness level of the image.


Increase or decrease the overall contrast of the image.


Change the order of the pages within your document.


Delete an image from your scans. You will be prompted to double confirm that you wish to delete the page. This cannot be undone.

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