What is a Life Booklet?

Although many things have gone digital these days, there's nothing quite like having a tangible grasp on information. Whether you're visiting the doctor's office, meeting a financial advisor, or leaving instructions with the babysitter, there will still be times where you'll need to handle and pass physical copies of information.  

The Life Booklet is designed to help you bridge the gap between the digital and material world. When you generate your booklet, you receive all your files in a local, packet version of your vault. It's perfect for those times when you need to print out records for an important meeting or to add attachments to a paper application.

The Life Booklet feature allows you select any area(s) of your vault and combine them into a PDF of it's contents. You can mix and match any combination of categories to be included in the Life Booklet. The "Miscellaneous File Attachments" category will not print out all of your attachments but it will list the file name and description in list form.



You may check the boxes of categories you have not yet filled out. The Life Booklet will still include that category's empty form, which you may then use as a checklist or empty form that can be filled out by hand. An example of the Insurance & Legal page from the Life Booklet is shown below.



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