What are best practices for scanning my information into LifeSite Vault?

For those of us who have ever lost an important paper document, or needed it when away from home, digital scans are a surefire way to backup important information for travel, sharing, and having an extra set in case the originals get lost or damaged.

You may already have experience using a scanner or photocopier but with LifeSite Vault, the process is speedy and requires no extra devices. You can digitally scan documents using the built-in scanner on your smartphone or tablet, and directly store them into your LifeSite Vault - making the process, easier, faster, and more convenient than using a traditional scanner. Scanning and editing is a breeze with the free LifeSite Vault mobile app.

5 Foolproof Tips For Better Scans

Documents vary in size, color, and shape. Use these tips to ensure the best scanning results: 

  • Use a background that's the opposite color of your document.

Select a high contrast background to help your camera pick up your document. Place light colored documents on dark surfaces and dark colored documents on light colored surfaces. This helps the app sense where the edges of the document are

  • Hold your device directly above the document, not at an angle.

Capturing the document at an angle will distort the scan.

  • Make sure all four corners or the document are showing.

 The scanner works a lot like your phone camera, the closer you get to the document, the more detail you can capture. However, make sure the edges of the document are showing so that the scanner knows where the document starts and ends.

  • Select bright, even lighting.

The mobile scanner senses where the text in the document is by finding the contrast between the color of the text and the color of the paper. Remember those old bulky desktop scanners that used a bright light for scanning? It’s because document contrast is best shown with good lighting.

  • Avoid shadows and reflections.

Uneven lighting, shadows, and reflective surfaces can cause the color and contrast of a document to be uneven and unreadable after scanning.

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