What do I do if I'm having trouble logging in?

If you're entering your username and password but receive the "login failed" notification repeatedly, there are a number of reason that may be causing the problem.

We encourage you to try the following:

  1. Make sure you've entering the correct username.
    • An account confirmation email containing your username was sent to your registered email address right after account creation. For more information click here.
    • Your username is not your email address.
    • Confirm that you did not add a space after the username. ("bobsmith21 " is not the same as "bobsmith21")
  2. Make sure you've entered the correct password.
    • Your password is case-sensitive. ("BobSmith21Password" is not the same as "bobsmith21password")
    • Make sure CAPS-LOCK is turned off.
    • If you're sure you've been inputting the correct username and password, try resetting your password by clicking the resetting your password.
  3. Make sure you've activated your account.
    • If you haven't activated your account, inputting the correct username and password credentials will still not allow you to log in. It is important that you click the link in the email sent to your registered address in order to finish registering. The subject of the email is "LifeSite Vault Activate Account".
    • Try typing "LifeSite Vault Activate Account" or "support@lifesite.co" into your email search bar to locate the email. Once found, click on the "Click to Activate Account" link.
    • The "Click to Activate Account" link does not expire.
  4. If you've tried the above methods and still are facing login problems, please email support@lifesite.co or send us a live chat from the Help widget in bottom corner of your screen.


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