I registered, but it still says my login/password is an incorrect combination. What’s the problem?




Due to the heightened security protocol for all LifeSite Vault accounts, you may have to try a number of steps to gain access to your account. We urge you to try a couple of steps if you've gotten the following login error:


  1. First, please double check that you have the correct log-in credentials. To do so, refer back to the email confirmation from support@lifesitevault.com. It was sent the day you created your account and contains your username. You may also retrieve your username by inputting your email address here.  You'll be sent an email containing your username to the email address you used to register for LifeSite Vault.
  2. Use your username to reset your password, and log in again with your new password and original username. (Note: You can not reset your username.)
  3. If your login credentials are correct and you still see the error message, please make sure you have activated your account. To do so, check your email for the activation link. It was sent from support@lifesitevault.com. the day you created your account.
  4. Click the link and follow the instructions to create your account. (Note: If you try logging in before you’ve completed the activation process, not even your correct login credentials will allow you to access LifeSite Vault.)
  5. If you are still prompted by the error message after following the above steps, please email support@lifesite.co.


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