How do viewing permissions work for collaborators (Partner Users and Sub Users)?

LifeSite Vault Plus

Every LifeSite Vault Plus account comes with 5 collaborator accounts, comprised of 1 Partner User and 4 Sub Users. The Main User is the person who initiates any collaboration with other individuals. Any collaborator(s), once they are issued an invitation by email, will receive a link to create an independent account. Upon log in, they will see a green badge "1" in the bell-shaped icon that is the Notification Center in the upper right hand corner. Once they accept the invitation and submit the Collaborator Passcode, they will be able to switch their account view to the Main User's account.

What the collaborator sees when they switch to the Main User's account depends on the configuration of permissions for that individual. Categories that can be viewed or edited will be shown to them, and blocked categories will be hidden from them. They will not see which categories they were blocked from viewing. 

It is important to note that sending an invitation and creating a "linkage" between accounts permits only one-way access for the collaborator to view the Main User's account. The person who initiates the invitation is making their information accessible by the collaborator, and not the other way around.  By accepting the invitation, the collaborator does not expose their account information.


For the Main User to be granted access to the collaborator's information, the collaborator must invites them to be a Partner or Sub User from their "Manage Collaborator" screen, accessible as the left-most icon in the upper right-hand corner of your LifeSite Vault homepage. 

LifeSite Vault Basic

Every LifeSite Vault Basic account comes with 1 collaborator account, comprised of 1 Sub User. This Sub User differs from the Partner User in that they can only view, not edit, the Main User's information.


Permissions between Partner Users and Sub Users follow three general rules:

  1. Partner Users can view, edit, delete, and modify the Main User's Account.
  2. Sub Users can only view the Main User's Account.
  3. All Partner and Sub Users need to have their permissions enabled in the "Manage Collaborators" screen by the Main User, or else they will not be able to access the Main User's Account.


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