How can I set up my Partner User and Sub Users?

To begin inviting collaborators to your LifeSite Vault Plus account, click the “Manage Collaborators” icon  at the top right of any page or in your menu. Choose whether you’d like to add a Partner or Sub User. In the “Add a Collaborator” section, enter an email address and create a Collaborator Passcode, which the collaborator will need to accept your invitation. LifeSite recommends you give the Collaborator Passcode to your Partner or Sub User in as secure a method as possible, preferably in person or over the phone. Finally, choose your Partner or Sub User’s permissions according to your preference.

Now that you’ve properly set up your Partner or Sub User, save this new user. This person will need to take the following steps to start using the system:
  1. He/She must accept your invitation by email.
  2. Create an account, if one does not yet exist.
  3. Re-accept the invitation in the Notification Center upon login.
  4. Input the Collaborator Passcode previously provided by the inviter.

Once the accounts are linked, your Partner User and/or Sub Users can begin accessing your information according to the initial permissions that you set up for them.


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