What do the LifeSite Vault icons in the header do?

The icons in the header serve as a quick navigation to some of the sharing, storing, and notification features of your LifeSite Vault.

The Manage Collaborators icon  is located between the Search bar and the File Vault. On the Manage Collaborators page you can invite or delete trusted individuals to share in your information. They will be sent individual invitations to create LifeSite accounts where, once logged in, they can view your account information that's been made available to them.




To the right of Manage Collaborators is the File Vault  . The File Vault is where you can store your files and documents. You may drag and drop files in en masse or upload individual files.




To the right of the File Vault is an icon in the shape of a bell  . This is the Notification Center. You can accept or decline invitations to share information, and get a preview of the latest activity notifications of who last accessed your account and where. Choose "See All" to see the full list.



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