How do I start using LifeSite Vault?

There are a number of different ways to use LifeSite Vault but as a first step we recommend our new users begin by exploring the different Categories available to you and entering some data or uploading information.

If you're a first time user of LifeSite Vault, start exploring the different categories from the left hand Menu. Select a category and to reveal a more detailed section under that topic.



If you click into the category, your main page will update to reveal fields for areas of related information. In this example, clicking into "Finances" shows a number of nested sections as options. Clicking into "Income and Benefits" navigates you to sub-tabs such as "Assets", "Income Source", and "Debts Owed to Me." LifeSite is full of categories such as this to help you maintain an organized, holistic database of your important information.

If you have specific information in mind that you want to upload, you may find it useful to enter it directly into the search bar. LifeSite will auto-populate the proper location for it. 

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