Who should open a LifeSite Vault account?

Anyone, anywhere in the world, over 18-years-old should use LifeSite Vault! 

Each individual has important documents and information that needs to be secured and managed over the course of their lives. On a daily basis, people are experiencing milestones such as purchasing assets, starting a family, and subscribing to new services. Over time, the average person will see the amount of this crucial information grow and accumulate steadily.

Unfortunately for many, it becomes unmanageable and a low priority due to the tedious and slow nature of getting important affairs in order. Our mission is to decrease this pain and to provide an effective, secure method of storing this information and linking it to loved ones who will help you with input, ongoing management, and eventually, custodianship. Our priority is offering the most world's most secure and discrete vault for you and your loved ones.

Anyone who has spent time searching through piles of paper, flash drives, computers or cloud services for an important document or a simple piece of information should use LifeSite Vault. Whether you’re currently using paper files, a safe deposit box or other tools, LifeSite Vault provides a safe, smart alternative to help you get organized.




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