What happens when I downgrade from LifeSite Vault Plus to Basic?

Unlike in LifeSite Vault Plus, LifeSite Vault Basic accounts cannot have a Partner Users. However, Basic accounts can invite one Sub User and decide whether or not to establish him or her as a Backup Contact.

When your trial expires or if you downgrade from LifeSite Vault Plus to LifeSite Vault Basic, any linkages that have been created between Partner and Sub Users accounts will disappear. Each formerly connected account will revert to independent, unlinked LifeSite Vault Basic accounts. However, the information on each account will be preserved below 1 GB of storage. 

If you previously had multiple Backup Contacts, you will no longer have those adjoining users as a part of your LifeSite Vault network. Any previous Backup Contacts will be erased. To reinstate a Backup Contact, invite the individual in mind to become your Sub User and you can establish that person as your Backup Contact who will be notified in the event of a period of account inactivity. Former Partner and Sub Users will still retain the personal accounts they have created, but they will no longer have access to sharing information or access to your account.

Your File Vault capacity will also be restricted to 1GB of storage. If you exceeded 1GB of storage over the course of your time as a LifeSite Vault Plus user, you will need to delete files from your File Vault in order to resume normal use. Once you are below the 1GB limit, your File Vault can be used again for previewing, downloading documents, etc.

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