Is my LifeSite Vault secure?

Security isn’t just a feature at LifeSite, it’s a priority! We utilize the very latest military- grade security practices and protocols. LifeSite Vault combines secure file access and controlled, permission-based sharing with high-level document encryption and security to provide the safest and smartest digital storage solution.

LifeSite Vault encrypts every single piece of information and every document. All your data is transmitted with high-level TSL/SSL and stored with 256-bit AES encryption, and uploaded files are segmented into pieces with each piece stored separately, making the files unreadable in storage.

Each LifeSite user’s encryption key is as unique as they are — no two users share the same key. Each user owns their unique key. You are in complete control of your information; only you can choose to share it, or not.

LifeSite employees can never gain access to your information. For more information on LifeSite Vault security, click here.

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