How is LifeSite Vault different from other storage solutions?

Some cloud-based storage solutions are simply digital filing cabinets where documents are placed. To create a filing system, it takes a lot of work to create a spreadsheet, curate, continually update, and organize folders for the uploaded documents. What often ends up happening is users experiencing online hoarding, not remembering where your files are, broken mobile indexes, and decreased speed and overall performance. Most solutions are also oriented around the individual user, thereby making it difficult, if not possible, for most spouses or other important people in your life to access certain files and folders they need.

LifeSite is designed to address all these problems by focusing on the essential files and documents that really matter, and offering a family sharing-oriented system that is easier to use and more secure than other providers. Our commitment is to make storing your important information easy, organized, safe, and intuitive. We may not be the perfect place for your blurry selfies, but items like your drivers license scans and health information are designed for storage within LifeSite Vault. In addition to peace of mind, you should be able to access your LifeSite Vault whenever and wherever you are. Our mobile application, available now on Android and for iOS on smartphone and tablets makes referring to your vault easy on a regular and spontaneous basis. (Download the app for iOS here and for Android here.)

From a technical standpoint, the real differentiation lies with our secure platform and architecture. Designed from the ground-up to protect and secure our users’ information, we have implemented the latest  technologies to provide layered security and defense, so you can rest easy that your life’s information is safe. 


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