How do I delete my information?

We understand if you want to start over or delete specific aspects of your LifeSite Vault.

If you are not renewing your subscription and would like to delete your data, go to "Menu"> "Settings"> "Data and File Management"> "Delete Data"> "Delete Your Data" or "Delete Your Files"

Selecting "Delete data"  will delete the data fields that you fill out using your keyboard. This are categories such as "description" or "notes." Selecting "Delete Files" will delete the attachments that you uploaded into your file vault, including all photos, documents, and your profile picture.

Note: Deleting your data or files is not recoverable. If you delete your data and/ or files, they will be permanently removed. They are gone. Please use this feature with extreme caution.

If you would like to close your entire account permanently, click here for instructions.

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