How can I enter my data more quickly? What are my options?

"I don't have time to fill out my profile. I'm looking for an easier and quicker way to complete the sections."


Many users have submitted similar feedback about the difficulty of uploading information. Enabling easier record keeping and organization is a critical part of our mission at LifeSite. Several plans to improve the digitization process are on our road map.

We encourage you to download our mobile app in the Apple Store or Play Store.

 If you’re on an iOS mobile device, you can currently take photos of your important documents and upload them into your secure file storage. If you’re using an Android device, you can upload photos and files of any type (.doc, .pdf, .txt, etc.) just as you could on your computer. 

The LifeSite Vault mobile app now integrates with popular mobile scanner applications. After scanning an image, .pdf or any other supported file, you can upload and organize it within LifeSite Vault.  Certified mobile scanner applications include:  Scanner Pro by Readdle on iOS and CamScanner by INTSIG on iOS and Android. 

If you're having trouble with these scanning solutions, please file a support ticket at and we will be eager to assist you.


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