How do I manually move my information from Mustbin to LifeSite?

On or before July 30th, Mustbin will be updated to reflect a way for you to sign-up and set-up a LifeSite account. Until that time, migration for individual files will be a manual process. 

1. Export the files from your Mustbin account to a laptop, external hard drive, or other location. Video export is not supported.
2. Register for a Free LifeSite account and then "drag and drop" the files into the LifeSite categories from the laptop or hard drive. You may also download the free mobile LifeSite companion app and upload it via your mobile app. (The LifeSite system exists on multiple platforms with access to a single ultra-secure cloud account with your own unique encryption key.)
3. Your files will immediately sync to your LifeSite account and be accessible from any device as long as you are logged in through a secure connection. 
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