How does the Mustbin acquisition affect me?

After July 30, 2017, the Mustbin mobile application will be terminated and replaced with LifeSite Vault. At that time, you must create a LifeSite Vault account to access your Mustbin information.

If you are a free user of Mustbin, you will be moved to the free LifeSite Vault system.

If you are a paying user of Mustbin, you will have the opportunity to upgrade to LifeSite Vault's premium service.

Though it may come as a disappointment that Mustbin will be shutting down in the next few months, we are happy to offer you all the functionality of Mustbin, with even more features to help you manage and organize your important information.

Unlike Mustbin, LifeSite Vault offers storage accessible on multiple devices and platforms. With one account, you have access to your vault on your laptop, tablet and mobile devices (Android and iOS). LifeSite also offers expanded functionality including controlled collaboration and secure messaging with loved ones and trusted advisors.

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